Full Melodifestivalen Results Released!

Over the last six weeks, we’ve been enjoying one of the most popular Eurovision national selections, that being Melodifestivalen. As usual, the Swedish put on a show to remember, and although we missed some of our usual favourites, we were introduced to some talented new artists who we’ll be following with a close eye.

Now that the competition is over for another year, and we have our winner, who you can read more about here, the full results have been released. So let’s see how it all went down!

Semi-Final 1

As we know each semi-final had 7 participants, and the top 5 as voted in the first round continue through to a second round of voting, and the totals of the two rounds give the final rankings of the songs.

A total of 6,617,451 votes were cast throughout the two rounds of voting, with a portion of the profits collected for a foundation.

Three artists received over a million votes each in the first round, with those three being Benjamin Ingrosso, John Lundvik and Renaida. The two artists receiving the least votes were Kikki Danielsson and Kamferdrops, meaning they wouldn’t continue through to the second round of voting. This also meant that Sigrid Bernson would continue through to the second round.

In the second round, the top two were Benjamin Ingrosso finishing in first place, and John Lundvik finishing in second. These two acts went directly to the final, while Renaida and Sigrid Bernson continued to the second chance round, meaning that Edward Blom would finish his Melodifestivalen journey in the semi-final.

Semi-Final 2

The second semi-final had a total of 5,880,237 votes cast, again with some of the profits donated. In this semi-final, two of the artists received over a million votes in the first round, with those two being Samir & Viktor and LIAMOO.

The two acts not going through to the second round were Jonas Gardell and Stiko Per Larsson. In the second round, the most voted for act was LIAMOO with Samir & Viktor following behind, as such, these two were the top two qualifiers, but with the combined votes, it was Samir & Viktor who qualified in first place, with LIAMOO in second.

The two acts going through to the second chance round were Margaret in third place, and then Mimi Werner in fourth. This meant that Ida Redig would not be qualifying to either the second chance or final.

Semi-Final 3

A total of 4,800,971 votes were cast in this semi-final, which was less than both the previous semi-finals. This perhaps was due to fewer ‘big’ names in this semi-final in comparison to the previous two. The winner of the first round was Martin Almgren and then Jessica Andersson, however neither had reached the 1 million vote mark.

The two lowest scoring were Barbi Escobar who finished in 7th, and then surprisingly Dotter who finished in 6th. In the second round of voting, the highest scoring was Jessica Andersson, however with her combined votes, she finished in second which was still enough to send her directly to the final. In first place overall was Martin Almgren, who even with the combined score fell just short of reaching a million total votes.

The two acts going through to the second chance round were Méndez who finished in third place, and in fourth was Moncho who only just topped Kalle Moraeus & Orsa Spelmän, who did not continue through the competition.

Semi-Final 4

The last semi-final saw a total of 4,866,749 votes cast, which was again considerably less than the first two semi-finals of the competition. In the first round, the votes were unsurprisingly topped by Mariette. In second was Rolandz, and this would be how they would qualify with the combined points, Mariette in first and Rolandz in second.

The recipients of the fewest votes were Emmi Christensson and Felicia Olsson, meaning they would be out of the competition. In the second round of voting, Felix Sandman convincingly took out third place, and then it was a close race for combined totals between Elias Abbas and Olivia Eliasson.

Elias Abbas received more points in the first round compared to Olivia, however Olivia had more in the second round, meaning that it was incredibly close, however Olivia Eliasson continued through to the second chance round with Felix Sandman.

Andra Chansen

As we know the format of this show is a series of four duels, with the winners of each duel going through to the final. A total of 6,007,515 votes were cast, and here are the results

Duel 1:

Margaret – 877,351 (winner)

Moncho – 602,941 (out)

Duel 2:

Renaida – 884,118 (winner)

Olivia Eliasson – 682,801 (out)

Duel 3:

Felix Sandman – 868,152 (winner)

Mimi Werner – 583,305 (out)

Duel 4:

Sigrid Bernson – 741,226 (out)

Méndez – 767,551 (winner)


The televoting results revealed that Benjamin Ingrosso held 10.5% of the vote, Felix Sandman at 10% and Méndez with 9.7%. Percentages were fairly close between the acts, with the lowest percent 5.8% which was for Jessica Andersson.

As we know the final result is also decided on by a jury alongside the televote, so here is who the juries gave their top three points to:

Poland – Margaret, Benjamin Ingrosso, LIAMOO

Albania – Benjamin Ingrosso, Margaret, Martin Almgren

Iceland – Felix Sandman, Benjamin Ingrosso, John Lundvik

Italy – Benjamin Ingrosso, Samir & Viktor, Felix Sandman

Cyprus – Benjamin Ingrosso, Felix Sandman, Mariette

Australia – Benjamin Ingrosso, Felix Sandman, John Lundvik

Georgia – Margaret, John Lundvik, Benjamin Ingrosso

UK – Samir & Viktor, John Lundvik, Margaret

Armenia – Benjamin Ingrosso, Mariette, Renaida

France – Felix Sandman, Benjamin Ingrosso, Renaida

Portugal – Benjamin Ingrosso, Felix Sandman, Mariette

Here are the final rankings:

  1. Benjamin Ingrosso – Dance You Off

  2. Felix Sandman – Every Single Day

  3. John Lundvik – My Turn

  4. Samir & Viktor – Shuffla

  5. Mariette – For You

  6. LIAMOO – Last Breath

  7. Margaret – In My Cabana

  8. Martin Almgren – A Bitter Lullaby

  9. Renaida – All The Feels

  10. Rolandz – Fuldans

  11. Jessica Andersson – Party Voice

  12. Méndez – Everyday