Weekly Poll Results: Here are the current results of our Eurovision 2018 poll!

Last week, we launched our Eurovision 2018 poll, where we aim to find out which act you think will win this year’s contest. We’ve held a few prediction polls over this year’s national final season, and the fans picked quite a few winners, so we think you might be able to pick this year’s winner too!

We now want to do a weekly recap to see where your favourite acts are at on our poll, and see whether your favourites change over the next few weeks leading up to this year’s contest. We’re happy to say all participants are now on the board in our poll, so it’s almost like in Junior Eurovision where everyone gets a 12 points!

Despite that, there are some clear favourites, so let’s see who is currently leading our poll!

For majority of the week, Israel’s unique artist Netta Barzilai was the leader of the poll with a fairly considerable margin. As the week progressed, we saw Finland’s act Saara Aalto receive a surge of support, and currently it’s Saara Aalto as your favourite act of this year’s Eurovision, currently at 22.18% of the total vote.

Israel’s representative Netta is not far behind, holding 19.88% of the total vote. In third is Ukraine’s artist Melovin, who is trailing behind on 5.3% of the vote.

Your current Top 10 is:

  • Finland – Saara Aalto

  • Israel – Netta Barzilai

  • Ukraine – Melovin

  • Spain – Alfred & Amaia

  • Belgium – Sennek

  • France – Madame Monsieur

  • Czech Republic – Mikolas Josef

  • Estonia – Elina Nechayeva

  • Bulgaria – Equinox

  • Greece – Gianna Terzi

Does this match your Top 10? If not, make sure to get voting in our poll, which you can find here!