Rehearsal Day 1 – Estonia

It’s been an action packed first day in the Eurovision arena for the first of the rehearsals, and we’ve been there to cover it all! Each day, we aim to bring an in-depth recap of the happenings of the day, including summaries and thoughts on the rehearsals of each act. Here’s the action from Day 1!


Estonia are also one of the favourites of this year’s contest, and although it hasn’t been our personal favourite of the year, they definitely pulled it out for their first rehearsals. Some elements of the performance need a bit of work, but it was overall a fantastic performance.


Visually, this is impressive. The dress made it to the Eurovision stage, and thank the heavens because without that, this song wouldn’t have made the same impact. As in the national final, we see projections made onto the huge dress, and the camera angles used adequately showed these projections, although at times, it zoomed so far out that it made the dress seem small and insignificant, of which it’s not, so that needs to be fixed in my opinion.

Other than that, the only other disappointment of the performance was seeing Elina completely blank on stage. I found that she lacked emotion, and with a dramatic song as hers is, she needed to turn up the facial expressions to heighten the mood of the performance.


We’ve got the dress! Up top, it’s a beautiful embellished dress which flatters the very beautiful Elina, and we’ve got the slicked back hair once again, with a beautiful makeup look. As you’d be able to see in photos, the dress cascades down and surrounds her on stage, and it’s this dress fabric that is projected on with different images, some of which include floral designs.


The drawcard for this song is the vocals, and Elina is truly a fantastic technical vocalist. It was truly breathtaking to watch her perform the song live, and I could help but sit there in silence for the three minutes in awe of her talent. This is vocally spectacular, and not much will rival it on the night in terms of vocals alone.

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