Eurovision Union’s Chart Toppers #10

Throughout 2017, Eurovision Union was dedicated in bringing you Weekly Playlists with new music from Eurovision and National Final stars, new and old, as well as stars we’d love to see at Eurovision one day! We made so many musical discoveries, and through 2018, we want to share with you which songs we’ve been loving! Some songs will come and go, and some will stick around – here are our Eurovision Union Chart Toppers!

1. No Excuses – Ralph Felix feat. Anton Ewald (↑2)

This track made its debut in our Chart Toppers last time around, and since then has truly become one of my favourite releases of this year. It’s got everything I could want, it has a catchy beat and melody, and it has Anton! It’s definitely a feel good song, and sometimes we just need a feel good song in our lives.

2. Tanker – Basim (↓1)

It rose to the top last time around, and Basim’s latest track Tanker is hanging around in the Top 5 for another fortnight. There are some uplifting songs in the Chart Toppers, but this is one of those songs that has the ability to calm things down a little without being a straight up ballad.

3. Concrete – AMAYA (↑2)

Back to the pop bangers, AMAYA is serving it up on a silver platter. This is definitely up there with some of the best pop released by former Eurovision and National Final artists this year and although we had a soft spot for Hvala, Ne, this could have been the perfect Eurovision song for Slovenia!

4. That’s How You Write A Song – Alexander Rybak (NEW)

Guilty pleasure alert! I went into Lisbon not rating this track at all, but seeing Rybak perform this live brings the very naff track to life. Not only is it a guilty pleasure, but it’s also a massive earworm, so when it’s in your head, it’s going to be stuck there for a while!

5. Perdonami – Salmo (↓3)

When I need a break from all the bopping, Salmo’s track Perdonami still remains as one of my go-to songs to listen to and I never seem to get bored of it. It’s short but it packs a punch, and it could be up there with my all-time favourite Italian rap songs.

6. Nova Lisboa – Dino d’Santiago (NEW)

Although I only heard this for the first time as part of the Eurovision Grand Final, it had an instant appeal to me. When they described the interval act as the sounds of Lisbon, this song so adequately fit that category. It has a very street feel but in a relaxed way, much like the city itself.

7. Dance You Off – Benjamin Ingrosso (↑6)

My love for this song is a rollercoaster. Sometimes I’m on a high with this song, and sometimes I need a bit of a break as to not overplay it, but the thing is, I never get off this ride. There’s always a lot of love for Dance You Off, or anything by Benjamin Ingrosso for that matter. Can’t wait for the next track!

8. Tifældigt – Basim (↓1)

As much as I loved Basim’s Eurovision entry back in 2014, I would love to see him return with something more in his newer style. He is definitely taking his Middle Eastern roots as inspiration for tracks such as this one and the two following tracks, and it’s truly the perfect fit with his voice.

9. Comme Ci Comme Ça – Basim (↓1)

This track has been a staple in our Chart Toppers for what feels like forever, so there’s not too much more to say about this one! Talk about a catchy chorus!

10. Aji Aji – Basim (↓1)

Same goes for Aji Aji. I love it.

11. Viszlát Nyár – AWS (NEW)

Let’s talk a little hard rock. The beauty of our Chart Toppers is that you’ll get a range of styles, and AWS is representing the metal this time around. It’s new to our Chart Toppers, but the true love of this song came from seeing it performed live in Lisbon. It was truly one of my most memorable moments of the entire competition.

12. Serio – Emis Killa feat. Capo Plaza (↓8)

It’s taken a pretty big hit since last time, but I’ve had to make room for some other tracks this week that I’ve been listening to a bit more. That’s not to say that I don’t like this song any less, and there’s always room for a few good Italian rap songs in our playlist!

13. Mall – Eugent Bushpepa (↑2)

I was just talking about AWS impressing me on the Eurovision stage, but let us have a moment for the incredible Eugent Bushpepa who pulled out those vocals each and every performance and rehearsal. He is an actual vocal god, and I’m so glad he reached an admirable position on the results table.

14. La Malaeducazione – Gue Pequeno (NEW)

Yet another Italian rap representative on our Chart Toppers this fortnight, but this track isn’t as hard hitting as Perdonami and Serio are, instead, it’s a bit more relaxed. The style of the music actually reminds me a lot of the music of one of my favourite artists, Clementino, and perhaps that’s why I’m enjoying this song.

15. Niente da Bere – Rocco Hunt (↓4)

I brought this song back into rotation a few weeks back and I’m still enjoying it. It’s the melody that grabs me in with this one, and for me it is one of Rocco’s best. That’s all.

16. Mano a Mano – Salvador Sobral (NEW)

Although he isn’t exactly the flavour of the month, I still love Salvador Sobral for his music. It has the ability to touch so many people because of his beautiful voice and beautiful melodies. I feel blessed to have been able to see him perform his new track Mano a Mano, which is yet another wonderful track.

17. Nova Deca – Sanja Ilic & Balkanika (↑1)

Although I’ll be the first to admit I really disliked the choreography of this performance at Eurovision, I still loved the song and was happy to see them advance to the final, even though I had some doubt. I love a good mixing of styles, and this track does just that.

18. Cry – Dotter (↓6)

This track has had its moment in our Top 5 in previous Chart Toppers, but it’s lost a bit of momentum lately. I think this is the type of song that you need to be in a certain mood for, and this has just been a bit too intense right now.

19. Habibi Aiwa – Gilli (↓9)

When I have listened to Basim’s songs to death but still want more, I can trust Gilli to have more killer tracks to continue that Danish-Middle Eastern fusion sound. This one is best turned up loud!

20. Think About You – Lisa Ajax (NEW)

This is a super fresh tune for me, but I already know it’s going to be a hit with me. Lisa Ajax has been releasing some amazing pop tracks lately, and this is no exception. I’d be keen to see her in Melodifestivalen again soon!