Gothenburg to host Eurovision Choir of the Year 2019!

The Eurovision Family of Events grew to include a new event as of 2017, with that being the Eurovision Choir of the Year. The contest is biennial, meaning that we will be seeing the contest take place every second year and as such, the next contest will be held in 2019.

The European Broadcasting Union has now revealed more information about the competition, including the hosts of next year’s contest. The European wide competition for Choral singers will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden at the Scandinavium. It will be held on the 3rd of August, and it will be either hosted by SVT or TV4.

It has been said that the maximum number of participant nations is 12, and so if more than 12 nations are intending to participate, it will be up to the Steering Group to decide who will participate.

The participant choirs must be selected by a televised process or by expert committee, and must consist of between 4 and 45 people. The choirs must have been based in the country they are representing for at least six months before the selection, and they must perform A Capella.

We will start to know more about who will compete around the end of September this year, and have a committed list by the end of October. At the moment, there are two confirmed countries, which are Romania and Wales. The former has also already selected their participating Choir, which is Symbol.

Although it is unclear whether Sweden has confirmed their participation, it is assumed due to their hosting of the contest.

The debut Choir of the Year which was held in Latvia in 2017 hosted a total of 9 participating nations which included:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Latvia
  • Slovenia
  • Wales

As we know, the competition was won by Slovenia’s representative Choir, Carmen Manet. Watch their performance below: