A total of Three hosts for Junior Eurovision 2018!

The latest news to come out of Belarus is the announcement of the hosts of this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest. A little while back, we reported that auditions had been held, and the Belarusian broadcaster was in the midst of selecting who should front this year’s contest.

For the competition itself, there will be a total of three hosts including Eugene Perlin, Helena Meraai and Zena. Let’s get to know the hosts!

Eugene Perlin is a BTRC host where he hosts the news as well as a breakfast show and an evening show which broadcasts on Saturday nights on Belarus 1. He is also a Eurovision Song Contest commentator for the Belarusian TV.

Helena Meraai is a familiar face to Junior Eurovision fans, as it was only one year ago that we saw her compete herself. This time she will feature in the show in a non-competitive way, as she was selected as one of the hosts of this year’s show which will be held in Minsk, Belarus. Helena is just 15 years old, however as we saw in last year’s contest, age isn’t a factor when hosting as fellow former participant Lizi Pop also hosted the competition whilst under the age of 16. Helena represented Belarus last year with the song I Am The One where she finished in 5th place.

Helena will primarily feature as the Green Room host of Junior Eurovision 2018.

Zena is also representing the youth as she was born in 2002. She is a singer and artist with over 100,000 followers on Instagram. She has also tried to represent Belarus at Junior Eurovision, having competed in the national selections in 2015 and 2016.

There will be another two hosts who will be in charge of the Opening Ceremony for this year’s competition. Anna Kviloria and Denis Dudinsky will join forces to host the Opening Ceremony, with both hosts regular faces on BTRC.

Photo credits go to BTRC.