The Country Quiz: Switzerland!

How well do you know the history of Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest? Test out your knowledge here!

How many times has Switzerland finished in the Top 3 in a Eurovision final?
8 times
6 times
13 times
What is the best result Switzerland have achieved at Eurovision with an entry completely in the Italian language?  
4th place
2nd place
5th place  
Switzerland have finished last in the Eurovision finals and semi-finals various times, but which act most recently finished in last place with nul points in either the final or semi-final?
Piero and the MusicStars
Anna Rossinelli
Which of the following acts did not represent Switzerland more than once?
Gianni Mascolo
Lys Assia
Anita Traversi
What was the original name of the Swiss representatives from Eurovision 2013?
Salvation Army
Which language were the two winning entries from Switzerland performed in?  
Switzerland hosted Eurovision twice, but in which cities were they hosted?
Lugano and Lausanne
Lugano and Geneva
Lugano and Zürich
In which year was the first Swiss Eurovision entry performed completely in English?  
Out of the following three entries, which finished in the highest position in a Eurovision semi-final?  
Which of the following statements is true:
The group six4one was formed for the sole purpose of Eurovision
Vanilla Ninja had attempted to represent Estonia two times prior to being selected to represent Switzerland
Timebelle attempted to represent Switzerland in 2016 with the song Singing About Love

How well did you know the history of Switzerland at Eurovision? Share with us how many you got correct, and share with us your favourite moment of Switzerland at Eurovision!

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