Eurovision 2019: Georgia releases final version of ‘Keep On Going’

Earlier this month it was announced that Oto Nemsadze would be representing Georgia at Eurovision this year with the song Sul Tsin Iare and now the song has been released on streaming services.

The final version of the song has taken the English title which is ‘Keep On Going’ however the song will remain completely in Georgian language. The official video is yet to be released, but it is expected to be released early April. Oto Nemsadze has been working with Giorgi Ebralidze in the production of the video.

Folk ensemble Shavabada are said to appear in the music video, but members of the group will also be performing at Eurovision as backing singers for Oto. Here are the five backing singers:

  • Giorgi Kananadze
  • Giga Chigogidze
  • Dato Tsintsadze
  • Spartak Sharikadze
  • Mikheil Javakhishvili

Listen to the song below: