Junior Eurovision 2019: Who’s in, and who’s out?

We are still months away from this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest, and unlike it’s adult sibling, a lot of Junior Eurovision news will begin to filter through later in the year, including the full list of participating countries. At this stage, only a provisional list has been provided, but let’s go through the current list of who’s in, and who’s out for this year’s contest!

The Confirmed:

  • Albania – Albania has confirmed their participation at this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest, however no news has been received on how they will be selecting their act. Usually the nation selects with a national final, and they may follow that format again this year.
  • Australia – Australia are returning to the contest for the 5th time this year, having made their debut back in 2015. The selection will very likely be internal, as in previous years.
  • France – After a long break at the contest, it was announced that France would return to the 2018 contest, where they finished 2nd. Not long after the 2018 contest, it was then announced that France would be competing again this year. No news has been received on their selection process.
  • Georgia – Not only have Georgia confirmed their participation, but they have also held a national final and selected their act! It was decided that Giorgi Rostiashvili would represent the nation with a song to be released later.
  • Ireland – Ireland are returning for their 5th appearance at the contest, with their debut year being 2015. At this stage, there is no news on their selection process, however likely that it will be a public selection based on previous years.
  • Netherlands – The Netherlands are busy getting the plans ready to host Eurovision 2020, but amongst that is the preparations for Junior Eurovision. The nation will be selecting their act and song on September 28 with a public selection.
  • North Macedonia – The nation has now confirmed their participation at the contest, although is yet to confirm their selection method
  • Poland – Poland will be hosting this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest, and as such have been confirmed as participating (provisionally, although it will be unlikely to see the nation withdraw from a contest on home soil!)
  • Portugal – This year marks Portugal’s 5th Junior Eurovision participation, and like many of the other nations, not much news has been released so far. At this stage, we are expecting an internal selection, however it could return to a public selection format.
  • Russia – Russia were said to be choosing their Junior Eurovision entrant on June 1, but at this stage we have no information.
  • Wales – Wales are returning for the second year in a row, and it has been confirmed that Chwilio am Seren will be used again to select their entrant and song.

Likely Participants, but yet To Confirm:

  • Armenia – Armenia are yet to confirm, but will likely participate as they were a part of the Reference Group meeting. More news to come.
  • Israel – It was announced that the Israeli participation at Junior Eurovision would be considered in Spring. Israel has now withdrawn from this year’s contest. Read more here
  • Belarus – Belarus are yet to miss a contest since the debut of Junior Eurovision back in 2003, and it’s likely that this year will be no exception, with their confirmation imminent.
  • Malta – Malta are a strong competitor at the contest, but also a keen competitor so it is very likely that we will see them back again this year. Malta has now confirmed with more details of their selection.  Read more here.
  • Italy – Italy have been consistently participating since 2014, and their presence at the Reference Group meeting hints of their participation this year.
  • Azerbaijan – No news is good news, right? There’s no current news on Azerbaijan, however they did participate last year so let’s hope they confirm again.
  • Serbia – Serbia have been a fairly consistent competitor since 2006, only missing three contests between 2011 and 2013. It is likely we will see them again this year. Serbia has now confirmed their participation in the contest. Read more here
  • Ukraine – Ukraine are also a keen competitor at Junior Eurovision, but have previously had funding issues that led to some uncertainty. Since it’s Ukraine, and we never really know what will happen, let’s just say we hope that they will be competing, but won’t really know until someone goes on stage to sing!
  • Kazakhstan – Kazakhstan made their debut at the contest last year as a ‘guest’ of sorts, but the nation is a very interested competitor and if the decision was up to them, they would be a permanent contender. However it is said that the Polish broadcaster alongside the EBU would need to invite Kazakhstan as a guest to the contest. Time will tell!


  • Montenegro – Montenegro have now confirmed that they won’t be competing this year due to budget issues.
  • Moldova – Moldova will not be returning to Junior Eurovision this year. Their most recent participation was back in 2013.

Stay tuned for more news from the Junior Eurovision world!

Watch Junior Eurovision 2018 below: