Austria: Listen to Alive by Vincent Bueno!

Earlier in the Eurovision season, it was announced that Vincent Bueno would represent Austria at Eurovision this year with the song Alive. Now, the song is available to listen, with the music video accompanying the song also released.

The self-penned song tells the story of becoming alive through liberation from one’s own ego. Vincent commented on his song, saying,

‘The song itself has undergone massive evolution and got a good push in the final sprint. I worked with very young producers and composers (David, Davey ‘Yang, Felix van Göns, Artur Aigner), who will definitely be involved in the Austrian music scene in the future. While the song was being created, everyone on the team was able to experience how much the song was evolving, especially when everyone freed themselves from their own egos and opened up to each other.’

Listen to the song below: