Jeangu Macrooy will sing ‘Grow’ on Home Soil

The wait is over – host nation representative Jeangu Macrooy has released his Eurovision entry, which is titled Grow. Earlier in the season, Jeangu was announced as the representative for The Netherlands this year.

The song is about growing up and realising that there’s no clear path to happiness. He discusses the highs and lows of live, which all leads to growth. This is his personal story about getting older, and his quest to find himself.

He commented on his entry, saying, ‘Emotions, good and bad, are a universal language. I hope this song makes people feel a little less lonely in their search for happiness. I think that openness and honesty about how we really feel will ultimately bring us closer. I believe in the power music has to bring people together. It’s the reason I do what I do.’

The song was written by Jeangu himself, with all the instruments and arrangements done by Perquisite and Jeangu. Joe Roberts directed the music video. At Eurovision, Hans Pannecoucke will once again direct the stage show, with Marco Driessen on lighting and Perquisite as the Creative Supervisor of the entry.

Watch the video below:

Jeangu has also performed his song live, and you can watch that performance below: