North Macedonia: Vasil to sing Here I Stand at Eurovision

Earlier in the season, it was announced that Vasil will return as the Eurovision representative for North Macedonia. Vasil was set to represent the nation at the 2020 contest with the song You, however the contest was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has now been announced that Vasil will sing the self-penned song ‘Here I Stand’ at Eurovision this year. Vasil worked alongside Borche Kuzamovskia and Davor Jordanovski on the arrangement and production of the song. The song will be partly recorded with a live symphonic orchestra in Skopje, but interestingly, the backing vocals will be recorded in the United States by former members of the Chicago Children’s Choir, in which Vasil participated as a child.

The song is set to premiere in the first week of March. For now, listen to his 2020 entry below: