Rehearsal Day 2 – Norway

As expected, we see TIX take to the stage in his angel wings. The performance of Fallen Angel is similar to the national final, but the team has really managed to elevate the performance. As in the national final, we see backing dancers support TIX, who is standing on a platform. The dancers have chains connected to TIX, and towards the end of the song he breaks free from the chains. TIX is wearing a sparkly top and pants, and less neck chains than the national final.

The staging is super slick, and the lighting has probably been the best we’ve seen from the rehearsals thus far. The use of lasers is inspired, and the blue theme across the stage and lights just looks superb. Floating clouds on the backing screens make TIX look like he is floating in the sky, helped with the smoke billowing on the stage. Towards the end, the clouds and sky turn orange, purple and red, which looks great partnered with the pyro. We see fire used in each of the choruses. The camera work needs to be tightened, but otherwise this is a super slick performance.

Vocally, TIX was delivering a decent performance. He hit the high note at the end of the song in both run throughs, although once the takes ended, you could see that he was really trying for those notes. At the end, he was holding his throat, so lets hope that he saves those notes for the important times. Overall, absolutely stunning performance that will surely make its way to the final.