Rehearsal Day 4 – Finland

Finland have now cemented themselves as qualifiers. The rock performance was very similar to the national final, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The group is spread out on stage, with the two singers at the front interacting well with each other. The camera work is good, with shots of the band members throughout the performance. They’re all doing their rock star moves, and it’s just genuinely what you would expect from a group like this. This is probably one of the first entries we’ve seen so far this year that has that concert feel. It would be great as a viewer in the audience, but also works well on camera.

The lighting is simple, using red and blue for the most part. At times we see the band members projected on the backing screens which looks great and adds some extra interest to the visuals. As expected, there’s pyro on top of pyro. Fire and smoke puffs are quickly ejected throughout the performance at the perfect points in the song. It’s very well-conceived, and I am almost certain we will see Finland in the final this year.