New Music: Amir releases ‘Longtemps’

We were first introduced to Amir back in 2016, where he represented France at Eurovision with the song J’ai Cherché, and since then he has been pretty consistent when it comes to releasing new music.

Speaking of which, the talented French vocalist has just released a new song titled Longtemps. Although we know Amir from his upbeat song J’ai Cherché, he proves in this new track that his vocals are also well suited to slower, more emotionally fuelled songs.

It was mentioned as a comment on the official music video that the song is comparable to a song of international star Ed Sheeran – but just in French – and we tend to agree. The song has the same kind of feel to it, and the fact that it is in French just adds to the appeal of the song.

Watch the official clip below:

Photo credit: Ecran d’Art