Eurovision 2019 Host City news: Here’s the latest!

After the dramas surrounding Israel and their financial capability to host next year’s Eurovision, it seems that everything is back on track. EBU representatives including EBU Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand have now travelled to Israel to meet with the host broadcaster KAN/IPBC to discuss host city options.

The representatives met with officials from three potential host cities which are Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Eilat. The former two cities have arenas appropriate for the contest, being the Pais Arena and the Convention Center respectively, however the representatives from the city of Eilat are ambitiously proposing the construction of an arena in the Port of Eilat which would allow for the event to be held in that city.

Jon Ola Sand has not hinted at any preferences, but has said that they are open to ‘out of the box solutions, as we were in the past, if they would meet the schedule’ which is likely in reference to the proposal from Eilat. It wouldn’t be the first time that an arena would be constructed specifically for Eurovision, so although logically it may seem more desirable to pick either the nation’s capital Jerusalem or the fan choice Tel Aviv, the city of Eilat can certainly not be ruled out just yet.

The final decision is expected to be announced in September, however as we know from previous years, the decision may take a bit longer. The host city and venue must be approved by the Reference Group who are the governing body of the contest representing the participating broadcasters.