Eurovision Union’s Weekly Playlist (4/52)

Each week, we’re bringing you a specially curated playlist featuring a bunch of songs recently released by some of our favourite Eurovision or national final artists, and occasionally we’ll throw in an old Eurovision favourite! This week, we’ve been inspired by some of the newer releases from Eurovision artists, and of course, the newest 2017 Eurovision entries.

Listen to the playlist here:

Two new Eurovision songs have just been selected, one of which was from one of the ‘Big’ nations, the UK. They haven’t been the most successful nation recently, however their hopes are now in Lucie Jones with a song penned by Emmelie de Forest. Finland have also chosen their 2017 act, and it’s a haunting ballad, called Blackbird performed by Norma John.

We’ve also got some new releases from Scandinavia, including the newest release from Robin Stjernberg called Feed On My Love. Also from Sweden, we’ve featured Unthink You, performed by Wiktoria, who will be competing again in this year’s Melodifestivalen. From neighbours Norway is last year’s national final favourites Hungry Hearts, who have released a cover of the winning Eurovision song from 1977, L’oiseau et l’enfant.

News has also come out of Iceland, where Greta Salome will be performing in concert with 2008 Eurovision winner, Alexander Rybak. Inspired by her upcoming collaboration, we’ve featured Row, one of her 2016 releases which we absolutely love.

Georgia’s Nina Sublatti has also just dropped a new song, called Spiritual. It’s in usual Nina Sublatti style, very haunting and simple – just the way we like it! From Israel, we’ve featured the newest release from Harel Skaat, which went a bit under the radar, so we think it deserves some love. It’s called Anachnu Po, and has a catchy beat that we’ve come to see and love from some of our favourite Israeli Eurovision stars.

Inspired by upcoming national finals, there’s Markus Riva’s latest entry into the Latvian national final called Dynamite, which is definitely a song to watch. With his experience, and a catchy pop entry, Riva could finally win the national final and represent Latvia at Eurovision 2017. From Hungary, we’ve got Gigi Radics with See It Through, which will be performed in the next heat for A Dal. It’s a slower start for the song, but builds into a really strong ballad. From Estonia, we’ve got the entry from Daniel Levi called All I Need, which is a fresh and modern pop entry which is also one to watch come Eesti Laul time.

Eurovision fans are also patiently waiting for the Dutch Eurovision entry, which will be performed by the sisters under the name O’G3NE. While we wait, we have featured the single Take The Money and Run, which has the radio friendly pop sound that we hope to hear on the Eurovision stage come May.

Inspired by Australia Day this past week, we offered up some Australian artists who would fit the brief and represent Australia perfectly. Jess Mauboy made the cut, and inspired by that choice, we have her 2014 interval act song, Sea of Flags.

Some of the national final songs we’re loving this week are Youniverse by Molly Sanden, as well as Italy’s Chiara, who performed the song Straordinario at Sanremo 2015. Favourite Eurovision songs this week are La La Love by Ivi Adamou, and I Am Yours, by The Makemakes.

That, and more on this week’s playlist!

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