Eurovision Union’s Weekly Playlist (18/52)

Each week, Eurovision Union will be bringing you a specially curated playlist featuring songs recently released by Eurovision or National Final artists, and a few of our old favourites. This week, we’re featuring releases from some of our favourite past Eurovision or national final performers, as well as from our 2017 participants!

Listen to the playlist here:

We’ll start off with a relevant song to the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, and that’s of course the expert guide by Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede of how to create the perfect Eurovision song and stage performance. It’s of course, Love Love Peace Peace.

Moving on to new tunes, we’ve got the latest track from Melfest star Benjamin Ingrosso titled Do You Think About Me, which hopefully will lead to an album sometime pretty soon. We’ve also got the newest release from Italian rapper and former Sanremo Newcomers winner Rocco Hunt, with the song titled Kevvuo’, which we’ve featured in our post about Italian news, and Italian tunes!

From our 2017 Eurovision stars, we’ve got Germany’s Levina, who has released her album just recently, and as part of the album, she’s featured the second song that was part of the national final, titled Wildfire. From Demy, we’ve got the Greek language version of her song This is Love, which may be better than the English!

We’ve got some former national final songs, starting with fan favourites The Hardkiss who participated last year with the song Helpless. From 2014, we have Joanna, who was one of three participants in the French national final with the song Ma Liberté. From Malta, we have one of Christabelle’s many entries into the Maltese National Final over the years, but we’ve picked Rush, which is one of our favourites from her. From Finland, we have Shava with Ostarilla, who competed in UMK back in 2015 with the song Ostarilla, which has a distinct Bollywood feel about it.

Heading over to Belarus, we’ve got the girl group Milki, who you may remember collaborated with Alexander Rybak on the song Accent, which was a firm favourite to win the national final in Belarus back in 2015, however didn’t quite get there on the night. From the same year, we’ve got The Makemakes, who went on to represent Austria on home turf with the song I Am Yours, but we’ve featured the other song that was knocked out earlier in the competition, titled Big Bang. Staying in 2015, we’ve got Elephants from Neptune, who participated in Eesti Laul with the song Unriddle Me. From 2017, we’ve got one of the Italian Sanremo participants this year, Sergio Sylvestre with the song Con Te.

From former Eurovision participants, we’ve got Sinplus, who represented Switzerland back in 2012. We’ve featured one of their new tracks, SOS. We’ve also featured Roman Lob, who represented Germany in the same year, and we’ve got a cover he recorded of the popular track Ain’t Nobody. We’ve got Slovenian representative Maraaya, who have just released a track with BQL, who they wrote a song for in this year’s Slovenian national final. The song we’ve got in this week’s playlist is titled Sjaj. From Turkey, we’ve got the newest track from Kenan Doğulu with the song İlk adımı Sen At.

Lastly, some former Eurovision songs which we’re loving this week include Sabina Babayeva’s When the Music Dies, which represented Azerbaijan on home turf. We’ve also got the Israeli and Portuguese entries from 2012, which we featured as part of our Top 5 Non-Qualifiers of 2012!

Tell us which songs you enjoyed from our playlist, and which songs you would love to see in next week’s playlist! Make sure to follow us on Spotify to keep up with our weekly playlists, and of course Twitter and Facebook to chat with us and other Eurovision fans!