Eurovision Union’s Weekly Playlist (21/52)

Each week, Eurovision Union is dedicated to bring you a specially curated playlist featuring a bunch of different Eurovision and National Final stars, old and new! This week we’ve got new tracks from a range of artists, plus a few Eurovision and National Final favourites!

Listen to the playlist here:

Today we’ll start off in Sweden, where we’ve selected some incredible songs for this week! We’ll start off with a new release from Frans, the 2016 Swedish representative at Eurovision. His new song is called Liar, and if you liked his Eurovision entry If I Were Sorry, you’ll surely love this! We’ve also got a new track from Eric Saade, and it’s been a while since we’ve heard something new, so we had to feature the song titled Another Week. We have Dolly Style with their National Final song from 2016, called Rollercoaster. From 2010 representative Anna Bergendahl, who we featured in our Top 5 Non-Qualifiers from 2010, we’ve got a newer track titled For You. Finishing up our tracks from Sweden is probably our favourite from this week. We’ve got Molly Pettersson Hammar with the song Liberate, which was released last year.

From Germany, we’ve got 2017 representative Levina with her new single titled Stop Right There. From 2015, we’ve got the (Actual but withdrawn) winning song of the German National Final, titled Heart of Stone and performed by Andreas Kümmert. From a year previous, we have Elaiza with one of their most popular tracks, Hurricane.

This week we’ve featured a whole bunch of new tracks from Eurovision stars, including Aussie Guy Sebastian with one of our favourite songs of his, Black and Blue. We’ve got Nina Kraljic, Croatia’s representative from 2016 with a song off her album Samo, titled Zaljuljali Smo Svijet. We’ve got the Common Linnets with a song called Hearts on fire, which is off their 2016 album. From Italy’s Nina Zilli, we’ve got her newest single release called Mi Hai Fatto Fare Tardi. We’ve got Amir with the acoustic version of his song Silence. From Harel Skaat, who we recently featured in a celebration of a decade of music from the Israeli star, we’ve got one of our favourite songs, Achshav. And lastly, we’ve got Naviband with a song off their newest release.

From national final stars, we’ve got the Hungarian entry Vége Van, performed by the couple in A Dal this year. We’ve also Laila Samuels, who was our National Final Throwback this week, where we discussed her national final entry Afterglow. Today we’ve featured a newer track called Run Run Run which is off her recently released EP called Shadow Boxing.

We’ve got the Dorians with their Eurovision entry Lonely Planet, which was featured as our Eurovision Throwback for this week. We’ve also got Yohanna with her Eurovision song Is It True, which was part of our Best of the Bunch Iceland. Last, but not least, we’ve got the acoustic version of Eastern European Funk, which featured as part of our Top 5 Non-Qualifiers of 2010.

Tell us which songs you enjoyed from our playlist, and which songs you would love to see in next week’s playlist! Make sure to follow us on Spotify to keep up with our weekly playlists, and of course Twitter and Facebook to chat with us and other Eurovision fans!