Eurovision Union’s Weekly Playlist (37/52)

Each week, we’re bringing you a specially curated playlist featuring a bunch of songs recently released by some of our favourite Eurovision or national final artists, and occasionally we’ll throw in an old Eurovision favourite! This week, we’ve got some new releases, plus some previous songs from former Eurovision artists.

Listen to the playlist here:

We’ll start off with the new tracks, starting with the Swedish tunes including one of my personal favourites of this week’s playlist, which is She Don’t by Anton. It’s another great pop number from the Swedish artist, which brings him one step closer in his goal of breaking into the American charts! Former Eurovision interval act Darin has just dropped not one but two new singles, and this week we’re featuring the song Tvillingen. Although not incredibly new, we’ve got Ace Wilder’s newest release, which is Dansa I Neon.

We’ve got some more new releases, including from Polish national finalist Lanberry with the song titled Ostatni Most. Former Estonian national finalist Liis Lemsalu has also just released a new single titled Ei Peatu, which we’re loving! Ukrainian 2017 entry O.Torvald have also just released a new single titled L.V, which is representing the rock genre in this week’s playlist! From Lithuania, we have Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė, who participated in the national final this year with the song Love Shadow, but today we’ve got her newest release titled Neužgest Niekada.

We’ve featured a fair few of the 2017 and 2016 Eurovision artists, including Naviband with the newest single titled Biažy. Upon the news of Salvador’s break from music due to health reasons, we thought we’d feature one of the songs off his previous album, titled Ready for Love Again. From Polish Kasia Mos, we’ve got one of her previous releases, titled Experience. We’ve also got Demy’s 2017 Eurovision song This Is Love, but the ballad version of the song! We’ve also got the Acoustic version of Spain’s entry, Do It For Your Lover which was sung by Manel Navarro. Our last 2017 artist in this playlist was the trio OG3NE, with the song titled All Over Again.

From 2016 artists, we’ve got Sandhja, who represented Finland with the song Sing It Away, and today we have the song Calling of the Night. We’ve got the Dutch representative, Douwe Bob with the song Wrote A Song For You. Estonian participant Jüri Pootsmann has also made it onto this week’s playlist, this time with the song Loving Arms. Lastly from 2016, we’ve got Ira Losco with her 2016 Eurovision entry Walk On Water.

The last few songs we have on this week’s playlist including the Ukrainian national final song We Are One, which was performed by MamaRika, and we’ve also got the song Stella Cadente, which is a song by Rocco Hunt which features vocals from fan favourite, Annalisa. Last but not least, we have former Norwegian national finalist Freddy Kalas with the song Vibber.

Tell us which songs you enjoyed from our playlist, and which songs you would love to see in next week’s playlist! Make sure to follow us on Spotify to keep up with our weekly playlists, and of course Twitter and Facebook to chat with us and other Eurovision fans!