Eurovision Union’s Weekly Playlist (40/52)

Each week, Eurovision Union is dedicated to bring you a specially curated playlist with a whole bunch of our favourite Eurovision and National final stars, new and old! This week we’ve got a mix of new and old, with some national final and Eurovision songs in this week’s bunch!

Listen to the playlist here:

Let’s start with the songs from Europe’s East, including a new track from fan favourite Sergey Lazarev titled Shepotom. We’ve also got songs from the infamous Belarusian Eurovision act of 2016, Ivan, who just released a new track, as well as the Ukrainian winner of Eurovision 2016 Jamala. Also from Ukraine, we’ve got a track from national finalist of 2017, Arsen Mirzoyan. From Moldova, we’ve got 2015 Eurovision representative Eduard Romanyuta with a song off his previous album, the track called Reckless.

From the Scandinavian region, we’ve got a new track called Dark Angel by 2017 Swedish representative, Robin Bengtsson. National finalists from Melodifestivalen Bella and Filippa have also released a track recently called I Think of Yesterday. From Iceland, we’ve got Pollapönk with their previous release Litrikir Sokkar Og Vettlingar. Over to Finland, where we’ve got Sandhja’s Eurovision entry Sing It Away, but the Alex Mattson Remix. From Norway, we’ve got national finalists Ammunition with their entry Wrecking Crew.

From previous Eurovision stars, we’ve got Nina Kraljic with the song Lay You Down, as well as fellow 2016 representative Rykka with the song Runnin’ Away. From Dutch representative of 2015 Trijntje Oosterhuis we’ve got a song off her recently released album, with the song called Laat Ze Blijven. From Triana Park, the Latvian Eurovision representative of this year, we’ve got one of their previous songs titled The Best. Also from 2017, we’ve got the Maltese representative Claudia Faniello with the song You Said. We’ve also got the song Vuy Aman by Sirusho and Sebu, but the Sammy Flash Remix.

From National Final stars, we’ve got Swiss national finalist from 2017, Shana Pearson with her new track titled Waves. From Italian star Clementino, we have the song Paolo Sorrentino off his most recent album Vulcano. Also from Italy, we’ve got Elodie with the song Verrà Da Sé.

That leaves us with our final song of this week’s playlist, which is the Australia Junior Eurovision song of this year, Speak Up!

Tell us which songs you enjoyed from our playlist, and which songs you would love to see in next week’s playlist! Make sure to follow us on Spotify to keep up with our weekly playlists, and of course Twitter and Facebook to chat with us and other Eurovision fans!