Eurovision Union’s Weekly Playlist (13/52)

Each week, we’re bringing you a specially curated playlist featuring songs recently released by Eurovision or National Final stars, and a few of our old favourites. This week, we’ve got a great mix of former Eurovision songs, national final entries and new tracks from both Eurovision and national final artists!

Listen to the playlist here:

It’s a real mixed bag this week so we’ll start with Eurovision entries, old and new. We’ve included Poland’s entry called Flashlight, which we’re slightly warming up to this week, but it has a strong support from across Europe. Staying within Poland, we’ve also got Color Of Your Life, which surprised us all in 2016 with a Top 10 placing. From the 2017 season, we’ve also got Fly With Me which will be performed by Artsvik on behalf of Armenia. From previous years, we’ve got You’re Not Alone sung by duo Joe and Jake from the UK, and although we didn’t feature them as part of the Best and Worst of UK in Eurovision, they’re definitely on the Best part of the spectrum! We’ve got Bosnian entry Bistra Voda back from 2009, which was definitely one of the best songs from that year, and lastly, we’ve got the 2015 Greek Entry sung by Maria Elena Kyriakou, but in the Greek language, called Mia Anapnoi.

From former (or even current) Eurovision artists, we’ve got Can Bonomo, who released a new album earlier this month. The song we’ve featured this week is called Vurulmuşum, and features his signature unique ethnic style and deep, expressive vocals. Also featured in our 3 new album March album releases post was Loïc Nottet, who released his debut album only days ago. We’ve got Mud Blood to get you in the mood to listen to his full album, Selfocracy. From former Eurovision artist Alexander Rybak, we’ve got his newest release, which is a cover of the song Fever, which of course features his violin! Lastly, we’ve got Manel Navarro, who is representing Spain this year, but we’ve featured a past release called Candle.

Let’s move to National final songs, and we’ll start with the Scandi nations. We’ve got the recently released acoustic version of Benjamin Ingrosso’s song Good Lovin, and it’s safe to say, we are giving it some good lovin! We’ve also got Jon Henrik & Aninia’s ethno folk entry into Melfest, titled En Värld full av strider. Lastly from Melfest, we’ve got Dismissed, who performed the song Hearts Align, and upon further listening, we’re starting to really enjoy this song! Moving to neighbours Finland, we’ve featured Zühlke with the song Perfect Villain, and from Danish neighbours we’ve got Northern Lights, which was part of the Danish national final and performed by Sada Vidoo.

Moving to the Baltics, we’ve got the song Your Breath, which was part of the Supernova final and performed by Santa Danelevica. Although this next song wasn’t from a national final, the artist, Linda Leen, was also part of Supernova this year. We’ve got a new release from her called Lover. From Estonia, we’ve got Slingshot which was performed by Lenna in Eesti Laul.

From Slovenia we’ve got BQL who (should have won) performed in the Slovenian national final EMA with the song Heart of Gold. Last but not least on this week’s playlist, we’ve got former national final song Mea Culpa from Catarina Pereira.

Tell us which songs you enjoyed from our playlist, and which songs you would love to see in next week’s playlist! Make sure to follow us on Spotify to keep up with our weekly playlists, and of course Twitter and Facebook to chat with us and other Eurovision fans!