February Fun: Who is left to choose this month?

Things are really heating up in the Eurovision world, with the last few weekends being packed with national selection shows. We also had quite a few internal selectees early on in the Eurovision season who have yet to release their Eurovision entries, but as time starts to run out, we can expect to see an influx of new songs. Today we’re going to look at the calendar to see who’s still left to choose their entries, and which entries we are most likely, or definitely going to be hearing this month.

February 24th

First up to choose is Slovenia, who held two semi-finals last week to decide on their eight finalists. The final eight are musically diverse, from more electronic pop entries, to rock, to a more traditional ballad, so it will be interesting to see which act Slovenia chooses. Here’s all the news so far:

February 25th

National Finals

Moldova is going back to back semi-final and then final, with the first and only semi happening on the 24th, and then the final on the 25th. There’s been a fair bit of drama with the competing songs in the lead-up to the national final, with no less than 3 of the competing entries withdrawing, some due to plagiarism claims, and some for personal reasons. Regardless, there are 14 acts all fighting for the top spot in order to represent the nation at Eurovision this year. Here’s the news so far:

Denmark is also selecting their Eurovision act this Saturday night. DR only just released the songs, and so far we think it’s looking promising. There are ten songs in total, including Aussie Anja Nissen (obligatory Aussie shout-out) who is back for the second year in a row, this time hoping to beat all other competitors and represent her other home nation! Here’s all the news so far:

Ukraine is the last of the Big countries to choose their act, and the last of the national finals on Saturday night. The process consisted of three semi-finals, which have been taking place over the last few weeks. In total there are only 6 acts in the final, all with great potential for Eurovision. Here’s the news so far:

Semi-Finals and Heats

Iceland’s national selection kicks off on Saturday night, with six of the 12 competing acts performing their songs. In these semi-finals, all the songs will be performed in Icelandic, however all the competing songs have an Icelandic and English version. In the semi-finals, the top 3 will be chosen by televoting. Here’s the news so far:

Sweden’s Melodifestivalen continues on Saturday night, with the last of the semi-finals taking place. The line-up features the hyped up return of Loreen, and also fan favourite Wiktoria. It’s going to be a tough one! Here’s the news so far:

Lithuania’s national final continues, and they’re now incredibly up to the 8th heat of Eurovizijos. This is the last heat, and the last qualifiers from this round will complete the semi-final line up. Here’s (some of) the news so far:

February 26th

National Finals

Latvia’s Supernova is coming to a conclusion this Sunday night, and we’ll see one of four selected acts take out the title and represent Latvia at Eurovision this year. Some of the faves were knocked out in earlier rounds, so it will be interesting to see which act Latvia will choose. Here’s the news so far:


Romania’s selection kicks off this weekend, with the first and only semi-final taking place with a total of 15 acts. There are some newbies, and some well-known acts, plus a bit of yodelling just to make things interesting. Here’s the news so far:

Portugal is continuing their national selection this weekend, with another 8 artists competing for the last four spots in the final. The qualifiers will once again be decided upon by the jury and the public. Here’s the news so far:

February 28th

Austria’s internal selectee Nathan Trent recently announced that he would be presenting his Eurovision entry in a matter of days. We’re excited to see what Austria has come up with for the 2017 contest! Here’s the news so far:

March 1st

Yes, it’s not technically February, but it’s so close that we thought we would mention it anyway. Cyprus chose their artist Hovig internally months and months ago, and finally we are hearing the 2017 Cypriot masterpiece which we now know is called Gravity. Here’s the news so far: